It looks like the heavy users of traditional outfits are getting out there in public and putting up their own 420.
So watch out potheads, the fifth of august is the date to remember - at least if you own a costume or a piece of clothing made out of the fine fabrics of the finnish national outfits (or Kansallispuku as we call it).
And if you don't own yet, the collaboration between CTRL and VUORELMAN KUTOMO is bringing some new goodies for you really soon so that you can participate the next year. And as it is with the 420, the 8/05 is also happening all the time at some parts of the world so it's not that strict. Just act like you don't care and do whatever you wish. Never mind the bollocks as they say.
But why the date 8/05?

The fifth of august is the date that Russian emperor and the Grand Duke of Finland, Alexander III, visited Finland with his wife empress Maria Feodorovna. The year was 1885 and what finns did was that they gave a rowing boat as a gift to the empress. The boat was brought to her by eight women who rowed it to the shore and who all wore different national costumes which represented the different regions of Finland. There were also hundreds of people attending and wearing these kind of costumes and this is why it can be said to be the official date of birth for the finnish kansallispuku.

As the traditions of all kinds are going through hard times nowadays (except the 420 of course),the same thing is with these costumes as there are less and less people using them anymore. So the few people who are trying to keep the core alive have started this annual celebration day when they wish that all people who own a Kansallispuku or even some parts of it would wear them and go out in public "showing them off".

Our effort in the ongoing collaboration work with VUORELMA is to make pieces we want to wear every day and all around the year so that the 8/05 can become a daily routine for some of us as well as the 420 is for some.
We produce our goodies using the great quality finnish-made fabrics of Vuorelma as parts of the products. They are like spices, giving some special blends and interesting combos to our reach so that we can bring you something really great new CTRL stuff available. This is something we are really proud of and we really hope you get the glue out of this also.
Think about it for a little while.
How much deeper can you get in to the ground of this country of ours and still bring something fresh out from there?

Here you can attend to the activist group who organise the happenings and here's a link to a group "kansallispuku".