About the Big Bang and Darwinism. About the history of CTRL.

I just found out that the FOGHORN movie is now online. It may be a small step for our good friend Pönkänen (who downloaded it and who does all kinds of good things for the local skateboarding scene all the time), but a giant leap for the rest of us. As we must recall that this cornerstone of finnish skateboarding movies was originally released only in VHS format far before Arto Saari or Eniz Faziliov came to rip it all up internationally.

The movie is called ”One Love” and dates back to year 1996. Of course it is not ”the first” nor ”the only” or ”the best” film from the wide range of finnish skateboarding history but it has a special place in the evolution being a culmination point of one period of time.
Thinking about FOGHORN and CTRL is like thinking about the Big bang theory and Darwinism. What really happened? How did we get to the point where we are now?

FOGHORN was the Big bang. At least that’s how I see it. I was not inside but close enough to see what was going on. So many great individuals were tight together at the same time with stunning ideas and with growing will of expression it couldn’t stay still. It had to blow. And the explosion was a starting point for several new things. Not only can you see the original CTRL-crew-to-be in the movie, but also a whole lot of makers of totally new street- and underground culture in Finland. The music, art, photography, televison, movies… you name it and it was already there. That’s the lesson kids.

Watch the movie and you will probably learn something about the present. For example that Mr. Kivikoski (7inchskateboards, Adidas) has always been amazing and above all normality. Or that the man who put the Foghorn movie together is the same one who was the general motor for CTRL skateboards for a long time and who is now pushing the great finnish brand Makia to be bigger than the world itself. Samuli Heino it is, of course.
But as we know, all theories lack some points. All of them fail to explain everything de facto. That’s why these lines you read are only one opinion and that’s why the growing archives of Pönkänen and others alike are like gold mines for the youth of today. They help you to make up your own theories. And for me… well, as I have lived through the times when things like ”nollie” and ”switchstance” didn’t even exist and knowing what skateboarding is today, it makes me think of a hairy Homo Sapiens with a stick of fire in hand meeting a guy who has an electric siggie in his mouth. WTF.
It was all there all the time, same same but different.

Watch the full movie here!